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Collection Number # 1

Introduced: EST After 1966 through the 1970s

Blue Taffeta, Green Damask, Grey Chiffon, Pink Brocade, Shot Silk, and Yellow Satin
Montrose Shape
Shelley Shape
Countess Shape

Blue Taffeta

B Patterns

Green Damask

G Patterns

Grey Chiffon

G Patterns

Pink Brocade

P Patterns

Shot Silk

S Patterns

Yellow Satin

S Patterns

Special Collections

The Patterns on these pages are not in an official series, but that they would go nicely together or have the same shape.

Authur Ferrier
black chintz
Butterfly Handle
Flower Handle
hand painted stamped
montrose teacups and saucers
polka dots
Pope John Paul
royal family
scenes square plates
Smooth Shape # 1
smooth shape 2
Special Collection # 1
Special Collections#2
special collection #3
special collection4
special collection5
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