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Looking for Pieces


Looking to replace this broken piece.

Please email t.lawson2008@btinternet.com

March 15

Peach Rose

Looking for any pieces in the Peach Rose pattern


March 15

Royal Albert The Bronte Collection

Looking for a 'Charlotte' mug 2002

Please email johncastillon.jc@gmail.com

March 15

Looking for Un-Named Pattern

Looking for 3 of these cups.

Please email nikkirizvi@rogers.com

March 15

Rainbow - Montrose shape - Yellow

Looking for size 8.5 cm across which is 3 1/4 inches approx 

Please email smmorrow2000@gmail.com

March 15

Zandra Rhoes Magical Meande

Looking for a new nug to replace a broken one

Please email christineince@icloud.com

Un-Named Lawleys

Looking for another saucer to match

Please email thewayforward3@me.com

Feb 15

Un - Named Set # 6

Looking for pieces in this set.

Please email astrid.keir@me.com

Jan 15

Centennial Rose Teapot

"Looking for Royal Albert "Centennial Rose" full sized teapot.
Would also consider a coffee pot. 
Please e-mail jl292880@dal.ca Thank you!

Jan 15



Looking for pieces in this pattern

Please email Kate kcheard@fpwk.com

Jan 15

Satan Rose

I'm looking for a Royal Albert teapot, "Satan Rose".
Please email burnsiesb@hotmail.com

Dec 14

Friendship Primrose

Looking for any pieces that were from this set - 1960s-1970s Friendship Primrose. Please email stephanie.dburns@gmail.com.

Nov 14


I'm looking for a coffeepot or teapot and 4 Bol à cereals of AUTUMN SUNLIGHT (1984-1990).

Plese email Teresa hinandezb@hotmail.com

Oct 14

Royal Albert "Blossom Time

I am looking for a Royal Albert "Blossom Time" teapot. I prefer a full size teapot, not the miniature one for 2 but I would like quotes for both. Would also consider a coffee pot.
Please reply to lindyk52@gmail.com.

Oct 14

Flower of the Month

Looking for a teapot Royal Albert teapot  Flowers of the month (6 or 8 cups)

Please email  ja_olka7@tlen.pl

Oct 14

April Showers

Looking for the Grey Cup and Saucer

Please email robynhunter106@bigpond.com

Oct 14

 Greenwood  Tree

I am looking for this Greenwood Tree tea set.

Please email Raelene razandgaz@bigpond.com

Sept 14

Un-Named American Beauty - Pink

Looking for replacement pieces

Please email jsmclean59@yahoo.ca

Sept 14


Looking for a teapot in this shape "Gainsborough"

Please email nick.heppinstall@jpress.co.uk

Sept 14


Looking for more in the Art Deco shape

Please email rebeccahodges95@gmail.com

Sept 14


Looking for Royal Albert Brigadoon coffee pot lid.

Please email jamie.rickard@hotmail.co.nz

Sept 14


Looking for the small 2 cup teapot

Please email nick.heppinstall@jpress.co.uk

Sept 14


Greenwood Tree

I am currently searching for a teapot lid for my Royal Albert 6 cup teapot. Pattern called-Greenwood Tree  #774783. This lid must have the matching white,w/ green knob, same green on it as the handle has.

Please email Joanne purpur@sasktel.net

Sept 14

Sweet Romance

I am looking for 3 mini tea cups
(Demi Tassi) and the mini tea pot.

Please email shan.hope@hotmail.com

aug 14

Un-Named Pattern

Looking for a trio in this pattern

Please email paulmcknight17@hotmail.com

aug 14

Flower Of The Month

I am looking for a replacement  Flower Of The Month Forget Me Knot trinket pot.
I only have the lid. It’s the only one broken from my collection of 12.

Please email Joan joan.groom@ntlworld.com

aug 14

Un-Named Pattern

Looking for this Un-Named Pattern

Please email Angie angie@royalalbertpatterns.com


Un - Named Set # 407 or Un - Named Set # 410

Looking for any piece by Mabel Lucie Attwell

Please email Karen houndhollow33@gmail.com


Un - Named Set # 137

Looking for any pieces in this pattern

Please email Karen houndhollow33@gmail.com


RoyalAlbert.com - Click Here!

RoyalAlbert.com - Click Here!