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Royal Albert China - 1894 to Present  - Backstamps
Manufactured in T.C. Wild & Sons Limited, Crown China Works, High Street,
(later St Marys Works) Longton, Staffordshire, England.
Royal Albert was the trading name of the firm founded
by Thomas Clark Wild, founded about 1894.
The firm has always been known for its fine quality bone china
  • 1895  - Thomas Wild and Son. Thomas C. Wild Bought the Albert Works in Longton, Stoke on Trent. Built in 1846 the Albert Works Had been Named after Prince Albert, Queen Victoria's Consort
  • 1897  - Thomas Wild & Co. produced a range of  Commemorative Pieces for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, which led to the presentation of a Royal Warrant
Printed or impressed marks with initials  or pattern named or just a crown 
c.1896 - 1904 and was phased out around 1905.

This is the second backstamp used and for the first time the name "Royal Albert"
Thomas Wild & Co, as a result of the Royal Warrant and for it's many links to the Royal Household to the Name "Royal Albert"

1905 to 1907 Patterns

The pattern name if there was one,
was placed on top or inside the backstamp

Sometimes the TCW was used or replaced by a pattern name or
if the pattern didn't have a Name it was left blank

Note that different Colored Backstamps were placed with patterns of similar color.
The third backstamp was
introduced in
1907 - 1922
The firm became " & Sons" in 1917
and a change is backstamps.
This Post WW1 mark shown is
EST: 1917 to 1925
St. Mary's Works
The backs stamp was used before 1925
but references to St Marys Works were used until 1935
Crown China
After the TCW was dropped in 1925 to 1927
There were several Crown China Backstamps
****Look at the differences in the Crowns***
Note that different Colored Backstamps were placed with patterns of similar color

Some Crown China Backstamps had some unique designs EST 1927 to 1935.

Exclusive patterns made
for sale at
"Lawley's of Regent Street"
"Lawley's Norfolk Pottery Store"
EST 1927 - 1935

Some Crown Stamps stated that they were " Hand Painted"

EST 1927 - 1935

hand painted stamped

Royal Family  - Crown China Stamps

"As Supplied to Her Majesty The Queen"

"As Supplied to Her Majesty The Queen Mary"

"As supplies to the Princess Royal"

EST 1927 - 1935

Crown China Backstamps
Crown China Stamp
EST 1927 - 1935
.The Royal Albert became incorporated as a Limited Company in 1933.

In 1935 the backstamp changed again, all references to the
Crown China works had ceased,
and the Bone China theme was taken up.

On these Backstamps the word "Bone"
was swapped
for the word "Crown"

EST 1927 - 1935
EST Between 1931 to 1935

EST Between 1935 to 1940
Some of the First Bone China Backstamps
EST 1935 to 1940

Some Patterns kept the same backstamp and only the words
"Crown" and "Bone" were changed.
"American Beauty"
The Crown China Backstamp dates from 1927
The Bone China Backstamp dates from 1941 to 1998

Other patterns changed their Backstamps all together
when changing from "Crown China" to "Bone China"
"Old English Rose"

"Petit Point" China Dates from 1932 and the first Backstamp has no reference to
"Crown China" or "Bone China"

the 1940s backstamp was used until the pattern was discontinued in December 2001

"Lady Gay" was Produced as Crown China as well as with a Backstamp with no reference to either Crown China or Bone china.
"May Time"  and "Old Swansen"
were first produced under the
Royal Albert name then
after 1935 Crown China became it's own company.

1940s "Bone" China Backstamps

Some Older "Bone China" Backstamps
had some unique designs stamps had some unique designs
1950s Bone China Backstamp
.1960s and 1970s Bone China Backstamp
Buyouts and Mergers
Richmond China was under the Allied English Potteries group of China Companies,
and it had patterns under the Richmond name that dated back to the 1950s.
Many of the Richmond Patterns started out as Shelley Patterns,
then were later made under the Royal Albert Name using an
Un-Named Royal Albert Bone China Backstamp,
Only four Richmond patterns had a Unique pattern name:
"Blue Poppy" " Blue Rock " “Rose Time” and "Wild Anemone"
In 1972, the Pearson Group acquired Royal Doulton, and merged it with Allied English Potteries and
the Richmond China patterns were absorbed under the Royal Albert name or were discontinued.

Royal Albert Richmond China Patterns
1964 Rosyln China and in 1966 Shelley China became part of Royal Albert under Allied English Potteries
In 1970, all connection to the founders T.C. Wild & Sons was dropped with the renaming the company as Royal Albert Limited.
In the 1960s the Pearson Group acquired Royal Albert and added them to their portfolio of ceramics interests (Allied English Potteries) which at that time also included other brands like Paragon.
Patterns were released with the Royal Albert name added
beginning in 1991 and most ceased production by 1996

Paragon Patterns

As Royal Doulton Brought or merged with other companies Such as Colclough and Royal Kent
the Backstamps also included the named of these companies

Colclough Patterns

1991 to 1996
In 1972, the Pearson Group acquired Royal Doulton, which was then a listed company, and merged it with Allied English Potteries. That merger brought Royal Crown Derby, Royal Albert, Paragon and the Lawleys chain of shops into Royal Doulton (which already owned the Royal Doulton, Minton, John Beswick and Webb Corbett brands).
Patterns such as "Old English Roses" ceased shortly after this, we are informed about 1977, but have seen nothing definite on this date. "Serena" is another pattern that enjoyed enormous success that ceased about this time.
"American Beauty" has ceased production - 1998
Backstamps in the 1980s for the first time had Copyright dates on them
Backstamp of the 1990s
In 1991, Royal Doulton briefly dabbled with the Royal Albert name on their hugely successful Beswick Beatrix Potter range of figurines (which were made under license from Frederick Warne), but following adverse collector reaction, quickly saw sense and changed back.
The Royal Albert name has always been associated with tableware's of the highest quality with patterns like "Old Country Roses" (designed by Harold Holdcroft in 1962), and the more recent very popular "Moonlight Rose" pattern. (Note: The yellow/orange colourway is called the Pacific Rose).
The Royal Doulton Group was "demerged" from the Pearson Group of companies in 1993, and subsequently listed on the Stock Exchange (NB: Doulton was only earning a 5% return, whereas other companies in the Pearson Group were earning 10%). Looking back this was the "beginning of the end" for Royal Albert, Beswick and may indeed be for Royal Doulton itself.
2000 - 2002 Backstamp that were "Made in England"

20th December 2002, Royal Doulton ceased Royal Albert production in England
and moved manufacture to
"their state-of-the-art factory" in Asia
Backstamps from Patterns not "Made in England" do not have the word "England" on it.

Some Backstamps actually say what country they were made in, besides England
Patterns that were made exclusively for other Companies

Waterford Wedgwood completes a £39.9 million takeover of Royal Doulton  February 2005

Nile Street closes on 15th April 2005 with 130 workers leaving the historic plant for the last time and
production of the Royal Doulton, Minton and Royal Albert brands transferred to factories of the Waterford Wedgwood group

Doulton announce the closure of its last remaining UK factory at Nile Street from mid-2005,
with the loss of approximately 500 jobs

2009 - Royal Albert one of the three brands to survive the sale of Waterford Wedgwood assets to a
venture capital company following the failure of the parent company in late-2008.

The Company is now known as "WWRD" as seen on the New 2012 Backstamps
"First" and "Second"
See the differences between a first and second quality Backstamp
The Second has a scratch thought he backstamp.
Backward or Miss - Printed Backstamps
This backstamp the word China was misspelled "Chnia"
Miss - Printed Val D'or
Miss Printed

Moonlight Rose Copyright is 1987

In this Backstamp it was Mis-Printed 1962
1962 is the year that Old Country Roses's came out!

Backward and Mis Printed

Flower of the Month

If you have any Miss Prints or Backward Back stamps Please send them to


Registered Numbers
Backstamps can provide one indicator to age, registered numbers can also provide another. A registered number can be traced to a year of registration in either of Geoffrey Goddens excellent reference books "Encyclopedia of British Porcelain Manufacturers" or "Encyclopedia of British Pottery & Porcelain Marks" under Registered Designs.

Backstamp - EST 1917 to 1925
But the Registration number
dates to 1931,
A pattern was not always registered prior to it's release.

And some backstamps
have two Reg. Nº's

And some Reg. Nº's are
assigned to several patterns

Reg. Nº 730452
Reg. Nº 749633
Buttercup, Cherry Ripe, Christmas Rose, Clifton, Dainty Dinah, Dorothy, Florette, Foxglove, Happyland, Jazz, Lady Gay, Marlborough, Narcissus, Persian, Rosalie, Russet, Springtime, The Walton, Virginia, Wembley, Woodlawn
Reg. Nº 749102
Reg. Nº 753279 and 753230
Reg. Nº 761682
Reg. Nº 761696
Reg. Nº 763439
Reg. Nº 763616
Dovecot, Primrose
Reg. Nº 767526
Buttercup, Honeysuckles, Springtime
Reg. Nº 769204
Reg. Nº 769206
Reg. Nº 769616
April Showers (Brown), Blackthorn, Buttercup, Corn Cockle, Florette, Gloria(Black), Iris - Hand Painted, Japonia, Happyland, Lady Gay, Lilac Time, Pansy, Poppyland, Primrose, Royalty, Valencia
Reg. Nº 769618
Reg. Nº 773311
Reg. Nº 774783
Greenwood Tree
Reg. Nº 778676
Petit Point China
Reg. Nº 784772
Bouquet, Catkin, Daffodil, Embassy, Hydrangea, Lady Gay, Pansy, Springtime
Reg. Nº 787854
Reg. Nº 789374
Reg. Nº 791148
Lay Gay

Reg. Nº 794026


Reg. Nº 794028
Alpine, Bohemia, Chequers, Dorothy, Kelvin, Laburnm, Princess Marina, Rainbow, Rhodian, Star of Eve, Valencia
Reg. Nº 794373
Reg. Nº 799933
Blossom Time
Reg. Nº 808265


Reg. Nº 821113

Reg. Nº 808163

Devonshire Lace

Reg. Nº 822899
Reg. Nº 823059
Reg. Nº 823404
Mary's Garden
Reg. Nº 828436
Pansy Shawl
Reg. Nº 829286
Reg. Nº 830479
Reg. Nº 832394
Lady Hamilton
Reg. Nº 832881
Albany Blue, Albany Green, Canterbury
Reg. Nº 836506
Royal Brocade
Reg. Nº 837063
Reg. Nº 839038
Reg. Nº 839056
Tea Rose
Reg. Nº 839142
Reg. Nº 839184
Chelsea Bird
Reg. Nº 839329
Reg. Nº 843317
Reg. Nº 855747
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