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100 Years of Royal Albert Collection

100 Years of Royal Albert Collection

A One-of-a-Kind Collection
The 100 Years of Royal Albert Collection includes 10 distinctive patterns that pay tribute to the Royal Albert brand's vitality, longevity and rich design history. Through classic shapes and delicate floral designs, the collection is inspired by previous Royal Albert patterns and designs taken from the Royal Albert Archive Pattern Books. The result is an eclectic, inspired and truly unique collection that captures the true historical design statements and trends from the 10 decades of the 20th century.
The collection offers a full range of Teaware, including ten 3-Piece Sets (Teacup, Saucer, Dessert Plate), one 3-Piece Tea Set, and two 10-Piece Teacup/Saucer Sets. There are 11 Figurines that coordinate perfectly with the designs from the teaware, as well as 10 Brooches (coming soon). Each product features a special commemorative backstamp and is packaged in a beautiful matching gift box (hat-box or shoe-box style).

Cup Shape: Malvern

Series of Ten: Regency Blue, Duchess, Spring Meadow, Polka Rose, English Chintz, Festival Golden Roses, Poppy, Holyrood, and Hartington Lane


Regency Blue

1901 signalled the end of Victorian times and the start of the Edwardian era. After a reign of almost 64 years, Queen Victoria was succeeded by Edward VII. The Regency period ran around the turn of the century and Regency Blue is reminiscent of the typical designs of the day, with rich cobalt blue and deep maroons,
highlighted with gold accents.

Graceful Helen's sweeping ball gown is decorated in rosebud motifs from the elegant Regency design. This figure reflects the rich stately traditions of Edwardian England



George V came to the throne in 1910 after the death of King Edward VII. Later in the decade Britain, along with many other countries endured the First World War. The Duchess pattern is inspired by designs from this period and has echoes of the regency style, with a solid black colour, but now with Royal Albert's signature roses.

Margaret's dress is adorned with the fresh roses from the Duchess design and it falls over a dramatic under petticoat inspired by the bold rim decoration on the original tableware pattern.

Spring Meadow

The 1920's saw a more decadent era after the end of the 1st World War. Everyone was very excited by the discovery of King Tutankhamun's tomb and the many treasures buried within. Spring Meadow reflects the emergence of a more positive era with beautiful spring flowers placed on a cream background.

Flowers on a soft cream background and makes the perfect decoration for Dorothy. This country maid, with straw hat in her hand, is dressed for a walk through the meadows and fields on a balmy spring day.

Polka Rose

In 1935, Edward VIII abdicated, bringing George VI to the throne together with his young bride, Queen Elizabeth, who became one of the best known and loved royals. Ground colours with polka dots were extremely popular in the 1930's and Polka Rose features this Art Deco style on a fresh Apple Green background with the addition of a single rose in the centre of the saucer.

The beautiful rose from the Polka Rose design bedecks the hem of Mary's period style costume - it's a stunningly simple yet elegant study.

English Chintz

In the 1940's Britain endured a 2nd World War, with many historic battles and events. It is Winston Churchill who is best remembered for bringing the 2nd World War to a close. English Chintz is a pretty floral pattern typical of the chintz styles of the decade, with delicate roses and forget-me-nots against a crackle background.

Linda wears a dress with a design based on pretty multicoloured English Chintz. Since ceramic Chintz patterns were inspired by textile design it's very appropriate that Linda is working on her embroidery


Queen Elizabeth II came to the throne in 1952 at the tender age of just 25. Her coronation was seen the world over thanks to the wonder of television. The post-war era saw bolder florals signifying a re-birth, with many designs using typically English flowers. Festival features pretty harebells, with the blue of the flowers in the background and borders.

It's half way through the century and after the deprivations of the Second World War period people revelled in colour and new design ideas. Stylised and bold patterns were increasingly popular and Festival was typical of the decade. The soft blue from the tableware design has been used for Patricia's dress and it's embellished with harebells -- the result an unusual and distinctive figurine.

Golden Roses

The 1960's saw many changes in fashion and music and Beatlemania spread from Britain across the World. The end of the decade saw the first man land on the moon. In 1962 the world famous pattern, Old Country Roses was introduced. As with many popular designs, the pattern itself was used in many different guises. Golden Roses uses the rose design decorated in gold onto a pink background.

Decorated in soft pink and gold, Lisa is a striking figurine inspired by the iconic Old Country Roses imagery as found on the Golden Rose tableware design.


The 1970's were an era of space and high speed travel. The end of the decade saw Britain elect its first female Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. The 1970's were an era of flower power and poppies were never more popular. Poppy is decorated in coral orange and yellow colours, bright colours reflecting the period.

Poppies were all the rage in the 1970s, and were used as decoration on fabric and tableware alike. The Poppy design interprets this popular imagery and is cleverly adapted as decoration for Jennifer’s stylish dress.


In 1981, Prince Charles, the seemingly eternal bachelor, married Lady Diana Spencer and the world tuned in to watch this fairytale wedding. The 1980's were an era of wealth and power dressing and the popular patterns of the time were formal borders in rich colours. Holyrood features a majestic burgundy and gold border, reflective of the formal dining of the era.

Stunning Jessica is the Belle of the Ball. Dressed in a gown reflecting the sumptuous colours of the Holyrood design, our exquisite figurine will add a perfect finishing touch to an impressive afternoon tea table or display.

Hartington Lane

The 1990's became the technological era, with the Internet, first invented by Briton Sir Tim Berners-Lee, emerging as one of the most significant technological inventions. Hartington Lane combines two designs of the decade, Lilac lane and Hartington. Beautiful lilac florals on a soft lilac background, which was so popular during the 1990's, create a stunning final effect.

Divinely dressed in soft lilac and demurely hiding behind her fan, Ashley expresses the lush romance of the Hartington Lane design complete with beautiful sprays.

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The pages Below are Patterns that were released in several different colors and cup shapes,
they are not an official series.
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"All Patterns"  Named Patterns

All the Named patterns are listed on the pages below in alphabetical order.
We try to have a photo's of the teacups and saucers in each shape they came in.
Also there are photo's of all the different backstamps of each pattern.

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