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Grass Widow? Series

Grass Widow?

1950s  - Black & White and Color Versions

Cup Shape: Fluted Countess and Hampton

Series of Six:  Golf, Fishing, Bathing, Skating, Yachting, and Domestic Bliss

Other Auther Ferrier Patterns: A Man's Cup, Alley Bowls, Bathing, Bowls, Curling, Domestic Bliss, Fishing, For a Good Sport, Golf, Ladies Alley Bowls, Ladies Curling, Ladies Lawn Bowls, Skating, Tennis, The Lobster , Yachting

Authur Ferrier

Arthur Ferrier
(1891 - 1973, Scotland)

While working in Glasgow as an analytical chemist, Arthur Ferrier freelanced cartoons to the Daily Record. When Ferrier moved to London, he began to draw joke cartoons for Punch, London Opinion, The Humorist and other weekly magazines. In the 1930s he started his first weekly strip 'Film Fannie'. With this strip he was the pioneer of the glamour girl cartoon in Britain. When his newspaper contract ended in 1939, he created another girl in 'Our Dumb Blonde' for the Sunday Pictorial. This ran for seven years. In 1945, Ferrier started 'Spotlight on Sally', and his only attempt at a daily strip, 'Eve', ran from 1953. Arthur Ferrier died on 27 May, 1973.


Golf - No. 1

G Patterns


Fishing - No. 2

F Patterns

Yachting - No. 3

Y Patterns

Bathing - No. 4

B Patterns

Skating - No. 5

S Patterns
Domestic Bliss - No. 6

D Patterns

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The pages Below are Patterns that were released in several different colors and cup shapes,
they are not an official series.
April Showers
Fern Lea
Laurentian Snowdrop
Love Lace
Star of Eve
Wild Rose

"All Patterns"  Named Patterns

All the Named patterns are listed on the pages below in alphabetical order.
We try to have a photo's of the teacups and saucers in each shape they came in.
Also there are photo's of all the different backstamps of each pattern.

A Patterns
B Patterns
C Patterns
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Y Patterns
Z Patterns

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