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Un - Named Patterns Pages

The Un-Named patterns were released for a few reasons we know of:

One was as a lesser expensive option to get more peopleinterested in Royal Albert, these would have come out as a small tea set with maybe
with only a cream and sugar and cookie plate. Secondly was because it was very popular to have some extra pieces that were
similar to the named patterns and maybe were just released in a tea cup and saucer set, or in a limited release with just a few pieces and a short run.  "Seconds" were also stamped with an Un-Named stamp some times because they were of lesser quality, so they didn't put a pattern name on it. They also sold Un-Named versions of popular patterns in other then main stream markets.And some Patterns they just didn't give a name to, they were just released with out a name. This was the case with a lot of older sets. Now a days Patterns are all given Names.

Many Un-Named Patterns came in different cup shapes and different colors or in slightly different pattern variations. On the pages below we matched them up, to make it easier for you to find. We are also adding photo's of the different serving pieces you can get in each pattern. There are 50 Un-Named sets per page. If you can't find your  Un-Named pattern on any of the pages below, Please email us Photo's of your pattern and the Back Stamp, then we can get it posted! lisa@royalalbertpatterns.com or angie@royalalbertpatterns.com

Un-Named Patterns Page 1
Un-Named Patterns Page 2
Un-Named Patterns Page 3
Un-Named Patterns Page 4
Un-Named Patterns Page 5
Un-Named Patterns Page 6
Un-Named Patterns Page 7
Un-Named Patterns Page 8
Un-Named Patterns Page 9
Un-Named Patterns Page 10
Un-Named Patterns Page 11
Un-Named Patterns Page 12
Un-Named Patterns Page 13
Un-Named Patterns Page 14
Un-Named Patterns Page 15
Un-Named Patterns Page 16
Un-Named Patterns Page 17
Un-Named Patterns Page 18
Un-Named Patterns Page 19
Butterfly Handle
1905 to 1907 Patterns Other Collector Plates
Royal Albert Richmond China Patterns
Un-Named Patterns Extra Pieces - No Matches
Reference Pages

Extra information about your Royal Albert China.

Back Stamps
China Piece Guide
Colclough Patterns
Cup Shapes
History Of Blossom Time
Paragon Patterns
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"All Patterns"  Named Patterns

All the Named patterns are listed on the pages below in alphabetical order.
We try to have a photo's of the teacups and saucers in each shape they came in.
Also there are photo's of all the different backstamps of each pattern.

A Patterns
B Patterns
C Patterns
D Patterns
E Patterns
F Patterns
G Patterns
H Patterns
I Patterns
J Patterns
K  Patterns
L  Patterns
M Patterns
N Patterns
O Patterns
P Patterns
Q Patterns
R Patterns
S Patterns
T Patterns
U  Patterns
V  Patterns
W Patterns
Y Patterns
Z Patterns

Special Collections

The Patterns on these pages are not in an official series, but that they would go nicely together or have the same shape.

Authur Ferrier
black chintz
Butterfly Handle
Flower Handle
hand painted stamped
montrose teacups and saucers
polka dots
Pope John Paul
royal family
scenes square plates
Smooth Shape # 1
smooth shape 2
Special Collection # 1
Special Collections#2
special collection #3
special collection4
special collection5
1905 to 1907 Patterns

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